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Preparation for S4/HANA Migration

Module: Migration S/4HANA & Data Archiving

OA4ERP provides completely integrated access to all database and archive data in your SAP landscape. The user continues to work with their usual reports and transactions for archived transaction data without any media disruption. As a result, OA4ERP provides the possibility to minimize the residence time of the data and therefore enables archiving to be done more stringently. This reduction in the size of the database consider- ably reduces the operating costs. You can  achieve  additional cost savings through the archiving system that is integrated in OA4ERP, by transferring the archived data from the SAP system to inexpensive storage media (for example Cloud, Hadoop).

The archiving option additionally facilitates database migration when moving to SAP S/4HANA. The cost-saving potential is enormous because archived data does not need to be migrated. This archive data can be called up independently of the release and therefore does not have to be taken into consideration during the migration.The smaller the database, the smaller the data footprint during and after the migration. As a result, you reduce the costs for the migration  and the operation of S/4HANA.

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